Join us: 4th Annual Hub OPEN HOUSE! September 20th!

Join us for our annual celebration of our
collective healing community 

The Boulder Healing Hub is starting its 5th year in business with over 100 of Boulder's best massage therapists, psychotherapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and more!  Come share in collective wellness with us!

  • Free 10 minute sample sessions

  • Free presentations on a variety of healing topics from local leading professionals

  • Raffle of free sessions with many wonderful practitioners

  • Free refreshments and general merriment!

Everyone is invited to this event, whether you’re a Boulder practitioner interested in learning more about our awesome professional community and coworking space, or if you’re a local Boulderite who would like to enjoy an evening of wellness, connecting to great practitioners in the area! 

schedule of offerings throughout the evening,
and list of amazing raffle prizes…

— 6pm - Keto Facts and Fictions: Using Keto Principles for Health and Longevity with Mary Kay Irving, LCSW in Room #5
— 6pm - Intro to the Healing Hub: Q&A for Interested Practitioners with owner Lindsay Sworski in Room #19
— 6:30pm - The Integrated Man: Who He is and How He Becomes One with Gary Howard, MA in Room #5
— 6:30pm - The Healing Power of the Spiritual Heart with Anne Rice, MA in Room #19
— 7pm - Chemical Sensitivities and Fight-or-Flight: Neurofeedback to Calm the Nervous System with Erica Ligon in Room #5
— 7pm - Listening to Hear with Jordan Matthews in Room #19
— 7:30pm - Meridian Magic: a General Overview of the Twelve Meridians and their Functions, Energetically, Physically and Spiritually with Jessica Van Antwerp, LMT, CSP in Room #5
— 7:30pm - Highest Truth and Infinite Love: Learn to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides with Jennie Rindler, MSW, E-RYT in Room #19
— 8pm - You Are Not Broken: The Truth About Highly Sensitive People with Becky Howie, LPC in Room #5
— 8pm - How Mindfulness Breaks Addictions with Julian Royce, LPCC in Room #19

— 6-7:15pm Massage with Brenna Dee, LMT
— 7:30-8:30pm Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Work with Paula Stephani, LPC
— 6-7:15pm PEMF sessions with Angela Dockter, BCHHP
— 6-7:15pm Core Synchronism with Karen Danko, DC
— 7:15-8:30pm Esoteric Acupuncture with Karen Danko, DC
— 6-7pm CranioSacral sessions with Ursula Hermann, MA, CST-D, LMT
— 7:15-8:30pm Tui Na massage OR Auricular Ear Acupuncture sessions with Serena Moss, LAc
— 6-7:45pm Massage with Rebecca Arnold, MA, LMT
— 6-7pm Psychic Readings with Vicky Vail, MA
— 7:15-8:15pm Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique with Anne Moriarty
— 6-7:45pm Somatic Psychotherapy and Energy Medicine Sessions with Megan Ramos, MA, LPCC
— 6-7:30pm Mini Iridology Sessions with Alec Uitti
— 6-8pm Having Difficult Conversations sessions with Diana Calvo
— 7:30-8:30pm Nutrition Consultations with Mary Kay Irving, LCSW
— 6-7:30pm Integrative Health Consults with Erin O'Leary

30min Reiki Session with Erin O'Leary ($45 value)
45min Nutrition or Health Coaching Session with Mary Kay Irving, LCSW ($45 value)
60min Deep Tissue Massage with Cindy Smith, LMT ($65 value)
Registration for "25 Days to Sugar Freedom" Online Detox Program with Mary Kay Irving, LCSW ($69 value)
60min Massage with Rebecca Arnold, MA, LMT ($75 value)
60min Jin Shin Jyutsu Session with Paula Stephani, LPC ($80 value)
20min Phone Consult + 60 min Private Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique Session with Anne Moriarty ($80 value)
60min Jin Shin Jyutsu Session with Jackie Aaron ($85 value)
Enrollment in any half-day workshop with women’s wellness coach Heather Lee, MSW (value $85)
90min EPT™ (Emotional Polarity Technique) session with Beth Porter ($100 value)
90min Custom Massage (Deep Tissue, Cupping, Lymph Drainage, Injury, etc) with Elyse Sauls Meaney, LMT, CMLDT ($100 value)
60min Reiki Healing with Spirit Guide Communication Session with Jennie Rindler, MSW, E-RYT ($100 value)
60min NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Session with Erica Ligon ($100 value)
60min Acupuncture session with Serena Moss, L.Ac. ($100 value)
50min Transpersonal Mindfulness Session with Julian Royce, LPCC ($110 value)
90min Relaxing Massage with Jessica Baker, LMT ($120 value)
60min Somatic Psychotherapy and Energy Healing Session with Megan Ramos, LPCC ($120 value)
50min Bilingual Psychotherapy/Life Coaching Session with Mariana Iurcovich ($125 value)
60min Hypnotherapy Session with Lynate Pettengill, CH ($125 value)
90min Intuitive Healing Session with Diana Calvo ($150 value)
60min Couples Therapy Session with Kelly Bassin, MFT ($150 value)
60min EMDR Session for Performance Enhancement with Mary Kay Irving, LCSW ($158 value)
60min Integrative Health Initial Consult OR Nutregenomics Results Consult with Erin O'Leary (up to $333 value)


Our collective support for one another here at the Hub - and the support we offer the larger community of Boulder - is definitely something to celebrate! See you soon!!