Photos of our Annual Open House Celebration!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for our Healing Hub Annual OPEN HOUSE Celebration! last Friday! We had about 100 wonderful people enjoying our shared space together - attending the varied presentations, partaking in the awesome bodywork, and just hanging out with good people. And we have chosen our raffle winners so you will be hearing from us soon if you are one of the lucky recipients!!

One of the best things about the Boulder Healing Hub: it's a community of heartful connection and professional support for health practitioners, as much as it is a beautiful shared space for seeing clients.

Here are some pictures of our Hubbie-only gathering before the Open House, and photos of the big public event itself.  It is such an honor to work with each one of these amazing practitioners!  We look forward to another great year of supporting practitioners who are supporting the people of Boulder. <3

And we look forward to celebrating with all of you again next year!

Every Man has a Wounded Boy Living Inside of Him.

Every Man has a Wounded Boy Living Inside of Him.

On my own journey as a man (as well as a psychotherapist, father, and partner), I am met, increasingly, with parts of myself that don’t feel good or initially make sense. They often perplex me with their seeming immaturity and impetuousness.

So much so, that my first reaction is to suppress what wants to come out of me for fear that I will be seen as childish. As it turns out, those parts of me are very young, have been pushed down for years, and are asking — and sometimes shouting — for my attention.

This is my wounded boy.

What do I mean when I say, “wounded boy,” and why would you want to find him?