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Shielded Healing: How to Protect Your Family from Harmful EMFs

Have you ever wondered...

"Is there a healthier way for me to use my mobile phone, computer, or even my WiFi?!" 

Whether you're a healer for others or you're just wanting to HACK your own health with INTENTION and ACTION, come and join us for SHIELDED HEALING: An Eye Opening Workshop on How to Protect Yourself (and your family) From Harmful EMFs!


Hello Everyone! My name is TJ Anderson. I'm excited and delighted to be joined by my good friend, fellow health hacker, and EXPERT on Electromagnetic Frequency Stressors, Brian Hoyer, for this valuable Workshop on April 9th at Boulder Healing Hub, LLC.

We'll be diving into the DIRTY TRUTH about EMF Pollution so we can finally: 

1. Learn what EMFs really are and how they impact our health.
2. Understand how to measure the level of EMF exposure in our own home and work environments.
3. Have a PLAN OF ACTION to start protecting ourselves and our loved ones from these sneaky and silent environmental toxins. 

This event is FREE for Hub Members, and $9 for Community Members. Please register via Eventbrite if you plan to come.

EXCITING NOTE: Brian Hoyer is currently on tour driving in his Tiny Home (yes, an actual tiny home with wheels, with his wife and 3 daughters...) through the United States hosting events and workshops like this one. 

Why is this important? Well, Brian is one of only 3 experts in the United States, trained through The Geovital Academy: The most advanced way to measure (and HACK) one's exposure to EMF waves. 

This means we are lucky enough to have him strolling through Boulder, Colorado - one of the healthiest hubs in America! 

Let's get a strong turnout for this event so we can continue to ELEVATE OUR STATE of health and performance - individually and as a community! exploring our own next level health!

-TJ Anderson

PS: We'd love to hear from you! Post any questions you might have for Brian or I in the discussion section of this event. We will try to answer them all on April 9th.

Brian is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a certified Geobiologist trained by Geovital Academy, a 35 year running naturopathic clinic in Austria that specializes in Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine. Brian has completed courses in advanced clinical assessment techniques and Autonomic Response Testing with the Klinghardt Academy (levels 1, 2, 3, Applied Psychoneurobiology, Family Constellation Therapy), and hundreds of hours of continuing education in nutrition. He is on the board for Rhiza Retreat and Natural Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii that launched this year in 2018. Brian currently lives near Cleveland, Ohio with his wife, Lindsey, and their three daughters. Last summer (2017) they built an EMF shielded tiny house on wheels and toured the country doing workshops and EMF inspections on over 100 homes to help people begin to address and support their chronic illnesses and put in solutions and plans for EMF radiation protection.

Brian Hoyer, NTP, GG
Shielded Healing LLC
mobile 330.806.3850

TJ Anderson is an author, healthcare entrepreneur, Clinical Health Coach and a self-proclaimed “health hacker”. Over the last 8 years TJ has led Group INSANITY fitness classes, coached high performing entrepreneurs towards optimizing their health, and consulted for top hospitals and medical groups to deploy integrative health coaching strategies for their patients.

In 2015 he decided to take a break from health coaching to focus on self coaching, his personal process of optimizing his own health from the inside out. This would mark the start of a 3 year journey (and book writing process) of experimenting with new ways to optimize his health. He is now launching his upcoming book, The Art of Health Hacking, about his journey. (You can learn more about his book here:

His true passion is helping health conscious, purpose-driven leaders activate sustainable ‘health hacker’ habits into their lives- so they can prevent burnout, elevate their energy, and feel and function at the top of their game in their mission of life. 

TJ Anderson, CHC
Elevate Your State LLC
mobile 515-249-6400