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2018 Healing Hub OPEN HOUSE!

  • Boulder Healing Hub 1650 38th Street, Suite 100E Boulder, CO 80301 (map)

Join us for our annual celebration of our healing community! 

We are starting our 4th year in business with over 80 of Boulder's best massage therapists, psychotherapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and more - at our NEW beautiful location!  Come share in collective wellness with us!

  • Free 10 minute bodywork sessions

  • Free presentations on a variety of healing topics from local leading professionals

  • Raffle of free sessions with many wonderful practitioners

  • Free refreshments and general merriment!

Everyone is invited to this event, whether you’re a Boulder practitioner interested in learning more about our awesome coworking community, or if you’re a local Boulderite who would like to enjoy and evening of wellness and/or connect to a great practitioner in the area!  Come receive helpful health info, enjoy some therapeutic bodywork, and connect with other awesome humans.

SEE BELOW for the the schedule of offerings throughout the evening, and the list of various raffle prizes!  We look forward to connecting with you.

You can also find the event on Facebook here.

6pm - Do You Need a Chakra Shower? with DEB OVERBERG, LMT in Room #5
6pm - Tips To Combat Working Yourself To Death! with GARY HOWARD, MA in Room #19
6:30pm - Keto and Fasting for Healthy Brain and Body with MARY KAY IRVING, LCSW in Room #5
6:30pm - Embody Yourself: An Experiential Journey to Aliveness with ERIN CASEY, LMT in Room #19
7pm - Intro to the Healing Hub: Q&A for Interested Practitioners with owner LINDSAY SWORSKI in Room #5
7pm - The Gift of Anxiety with LAURA GILLEN, MA, NBCC in Room #19
7:30pm - Modern Mindfulness: How to Find Your Center in The Digital Era with HANNAH ROOT, LPCC in Room #5
7:30pm - How to Become an Intuitive Eater: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food with JAMIE MAGDIC, RDN, RD, LN & STEPHANIE HOPKINS, MS, RD in Room #19
8pm - Utilizing the Body as a Vehicle for Spirit with ERIN HERNANDEZ, LPC in Room #5
8pm - Jedi Mind Tricks for Managing Stress in the Modern World with BECKY HOWIE, MA in Room #19

— Massage with DEB OVERBERG, LMT
— Massage with CARRIE MARKS, LMT
— Bio-dynamic Cranial Touch with KAREN DANKO, DC
— Ear/Auricular Acupuncture & Tuina Therapeutic Massage with SERENA MOSS L.AC
— Massage with BRIANNE RHODUS, LMT
— Reflexology with MARIAH ROSSEL
— Intuitive Energy Healing with AMANDA ROMANO
— Neurofeedback Sessions with ERICA LIGON
— Integrative Meridian Therapy Sessions with HEATHER MCMILLIN
— Ayurvedic Bodywork with NAVA SILVERSTEIN

— 45min Reiki Session with HANNAH ROOT, LPCC ($45 value)
— 60min Reflexology Session with MARIAH ROSSEL ($65 value)
— 60min Massage Session with CARRIE MARKS, LMT ($75 value)
— 60min Counseling Session + free consultation session with HANNAH ROOT, LPCC ($75 value)
— 60min Deep Tissue Full Body Massage with ELYSE MEANEY, LMT, CMLDT ($75 value)
— 60min Rhythmic Relaxation Massage with ELYSE MEANEY, LMT, CMLDT ($75 value)
— 60min Reiki Session w/Guided Breath & Energy Meditation with MICHELLE VOELLER ($80 value)
— 60min Intuitive Energy Healing Session with JENNIE RINDLER, MSW, E-RYT ($85 value)
— 50min Core Synchronism session with ERIN HERNANDEZ, LPC ($90 value)
— 60min Energy Healing Session with CINDY PARSONS, HTCP/I ($100 value)
— 60min Targeted Neuromuscular Therapy Treatment with Full Body Flush with ELYSE MEANEY, LMT, CMLDT ($100 value)
— 60min Solution-focused Life and Business Coaching with GARY HOWARD, MA ($100 value)
— 60min Acupuncture Session with SERENA MOSS, LAc ($100 value)
— 90min Counseling Session with Reiki Healing with HANNAH ROOT, LPCC ($105 value)
— 90min Bodywork, Energy Healing, and Somatic Coaching Session with ERIN CASEY, LMT ($110 value)
— 60min Individual Somatic Embodiment Session with ERIN SCHWEBER, R-DMT ($110 value)
— 60min Neurofeedback Session & Consult with ERICA LIGON ($125 value)
— 50min Psychotherapy Session in English or Spanish with MARIANA IURCOVICH ($125 value)
— 60min Equine Assisted Therapy Session (in Longmont) with ERIN SCHWEBER, R-DMT ($130 value)
— 3 Weeks to Sugar Freedom: A New Year 21 Day Online Sugar Detox with MARY KAY IRVING, LCSW ($137.00 value)
— 90min Strengthening Connection Session for Couples with ERIN SCHWEBER, R-DMT ($180 value)
— 90min EMDR for Performance Enhancement Session with MARY KAY IRVING, LCSW ($189.00 value)
— 60min Integrative Meridian Therapy Session with HEATHER MCMILLIN, ($80 value)