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BUSINESS SMARTS - Getting Clients Without Being Creepy

The Boulder Healing Hub Business Smarts Series presents:

Getting Clients Without Being Creepy - How to Have Connected and Clear Sales Conversations with Troy Conant

Getting Clients Without Being Creepy will be a fun, interactive mini-workshop where you will discover what makes sales conversations creepy and how to not be creepy yourself! You will have the opportunity to learn NLP techniques to create crystal-clear communication, identify the “sticking points” that are preventing you from attracting more clients, and how to shift your internal stance to change the felt-experience exchanged between you and your clients. 

Troy Conant is a personal development coach and certified Master NLP practitioner who facilitates real inside-out change. Many set out to pursue their dream and then unexpectedly find themselves discouraged and jaded, and Troy - with over thirteen years of experience coaching business owners through to their success - could not ignore that this story plagued the majority of clients he worked with. As a life-long enthusiast of personal growth, Troy noticed the availability of information and the overshadowing lack of results. This didn’t just add fuel to Troy’s fire… It ignited an explosive passion to pursue his dream to inspire and assist other’s to living-out their dreams.