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Convergence Taster, *FREE* introductory event

Raven Wells and Lauren Golten will be hosting a ‘FREE’ two hour Convergence Taster event from 6-8pm on Tuesday night the 17th at the Boulder Healing Hub in the Event Classroom. Feel free to bring; or send, a friend.

See website for details:

For questions please contact Lauren Golten at (303) 641 6333 or

At Convergence Circles we apply a living systems approach to creating vibrant lives and enriching human interactions.  We support the actualization of people's true potential by deepening their interconnection.  In an increasingly complex world with accelerating rates of change, higher levels of adaptation are demanded.  To meet these modern day challenges we must RISE UP TOGETHER and find evolutionary solutions that work both individually and collectively.  Our team has developed powerful / elegant approaches for transcending separation and quickening human consciousness through the ‘alchemy of interconnection’.  Convergence events leave people feeling more interwoven and offer the possibility of joining / forming ongoing Convergence Circles with the potency to change lives and transform our world.