Welcome to our Boulder community of healing professionals!

You are a psychotherapist, bodyworker, or alternative healthcare practitioner who enjoys personal professional autonomy AND being part of a supportive team.  You value both individual and collective health.  When you are nurtured, supported, and creatively alive, you give your best care to your clients, grow financially, and love your work even more, right?  That's the kind of support we're committed to at the Healing Hub.

You get very affordable monthly rent in our beautifully-outfitted professional shared Counseling & Bodywork offices or dedicated private offices.  AND you get to be a part of a team with other (truly) wonderful Boulder practitioners.  Join our coworking community and enjoy the best of both worlds!

1) Work for yourself - set your own schedule, offer your unique gifts, keep the majority of your income, and...

2) Join a dynamic team of practitioners - receive personal connection, professional development, and marketing support.



Being a Counselor at the Hub comes with a long list of benefits, including optional peer review and supervision groups, workshop/group therapy space, and gorgeous Flatiron views from your practitioner's chair!  We welcome both new and seasoned Counselors of many backgrounds to our beautiful professional spaces.


Every shared Bodywork room at the Hub is fully equipped with high quality tables, heating pads, blankets & pillows, adjustable stools, speakers for your smart phone and more - as well as gorgeous natural light.  There is plenty of storage for your personal professional supplies and a break room for spending time between clients.  

Alternative Health

At the Hub we are excited about many colors of health care - including naturopathy, acupuncture, energy work, life & career coaching, nutritional counseling, spiritual counseling, and more!  Our professional spaces are designed to suit a wide variety of services, knowing that a diversified team creates a thriving culture of practitioners. 

The Perks of Being a Hubbie:


  • Simplicity!  When you use our furnished shared offices almost everything is taken care of for you so that you can focus on your art.  And even if you have a dedicated private office at the Hub you still get all of the Hub benefits!
  • A community of practitioners in what can often be a very solo career.  Regular social gatherings, presentations for professional development, and time trade services amongst Hubbies to encourage self-care and connection.
  • Marketing and financial support.  Unlike working for someone else – a larger company or clinic – you get to keep the lion’s share of your income, while still receiving the support and camaraderie that comes with being part of a team.  You receive marketing on behalf of the Healing Hub who will send clients your way, and the Hub hosts annual Open Houses to invite the larger community to meet you and try your work.
  • Sky’s-the-limit creative invitation to develop business opportunities with one another, increasing income and seeding the new global culture in ways that could never be done alone! Connect with other practitioners to co-create deals, group offerings, and general marketing support.  The Boulder Healing Hub is ready to expand in whatever direction you want to take it!  Dream up new spokes of the collective wheel and work together to generate additional income, with the Boulder Healing Hub’s support. 


If you would like to learn more about bringing your practice to the Boulder Healing Hub, and/or make an appointment to meet with us in person and see the space, please fill out our Practitioner Inquiry Form...