About Us

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our story…

The Boulder Healing Hub first opened its doors on October 1st, 2015 - and was envisioned as a new type of empowering, diverse, affordable, and connected professional commons. The Healing Hub is now a thriving community of over 100 unique wellness practitioners (and wonderful humans) who enjoy the low-cost and beautifully outfitted offices, specialized business support, marketing assistance, engaged referral network, and delightful professional camaraderie that the Hub provides.  As a part of the new sharing economy, the Boulder Healing Hub is a team of amazing practitioners working together to create a new way of doing business, inside and out.


Mission Statement

The Boulder Healing Hub’s mission is to provide local wellness practitioners in private practice with tangible and affordable professional support and community connection. Through sharing resources and focusing on collaboration, we thrive in our personal businesses, excel at supporting our clients, and generate a culture of collective health, accessibility, and transformational social impact.


Hub Management Team!


Erica Ligon, Community & Operations Manager

After 17 years working in corporate America, spending my days at the Hub is like walking on a cloud! I love the warmth of this community and coming in to work every day is a joy. I offer NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback sessions at the Hub, a technology that offers the brain real time information about itself, enabling it to harness its own self-healing potential. Interesting things about me: My cat is my soulmate and we take daily walks; I'm obsessed with pomegranates - I eat one every day that they're in season; I created an origami bird installation in my home.


Jennie Rindler, Community Assistant

As soon as I became a Hub member in August of 2016, I felt at home. Work and Community in the same place? Yes please! And now as the Hub Community Assistant, I get so much bonus fulfillment supporting this amazing collective. Finding opportunities that offer both giving and receiving are my mission — like the work that I do as an Intuitive Psychotherapist and Energy Healer in my private practice here at the Hub. And then of course there’s just “me time” — I love to bake, read, hang out with my cat Ruby (Erica’s not the only Hubbie taking her cat for walks!), see live music, and get crafty!


Lindsay Sworski, Boulder Healing Hub Owner/Founder

My two main inspirations for starting the Hub were the needs for community and affordability as a practitioner in private practice. As a long-time Boulder massage therapist, psychotherapist, and ‘embodimentor’ I knew how difficult it was to work for oneself in a sustainable way. Once it was envisioned, the Hub really created itself and took me along for the ride! I now realize we are a part of the grassroots coworking movement, and its been a joy to watch the Hub come to life and turn into what I hoped it would become: something beyond what I could have individually imagined. In my free time I love to dance, in all ways, at all times.

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