Perks and benefits of membership...


The highlights:

  • Furnished SHARED offices and dedicated PRIVATE offices available for rent
  • Beautifully furnished Counseling & Bodywork rooms come with full Flatiron views!
  • Carefully chosen practitioners, forming a truly amazing group of colleagues


The Space:

  • Two beautifully furnished waiting areas
  • Ample parking in easy-to-access Boulder location
  • Beautiful natural light and Flatirons views in shared offices
  • Shared Counseling offices: professional decor, comfortable seating, practical supplies, and privacy
  • Shared Bodywork offices: high quality adjustable tables, stools, heating pads, pillows, blankets, speakers, etc.
  • Ample storage for professional supplies (sheets, lotion, play therapy tools, books, etc.)
  • Easily accessible bathrooms with showers
  • Full kitchen
  • Comfortable break room for spending time in between clients
  • Mixed-use room available for small groups and movement-based private sessions
  • Larger classroom-sized space available for workshops


community & Marketing benefits

  • Your picture, title, and link to personal professional website on the Healing Hub website
  • New client referrals to help you build your practice
  • Skill-share classes for professional development
  • Annual Open Houses to invite the larger community to meet you and your work
  • Monthly Hubbie gatherings ("hubbubs") to connect with other practitioners
  • Blog for you to publish articles about your practice
  • Time-trade services amonst Hubbies to encourage self-care and connection
  • Optional peer supervision groups for Psychotherapists and Massage Therapists
  • Invitation for creative business collaboration with other practitioners, generating additional business opportunities with the Boulder Healing Hub's support



  • Easy-to-use online calendar for scheduling appointments
  • A room is guaranteed to be available when you need it!
  • WIFI throughout the Hub
  • Water & tea service 
  • Tissues, clipboards, cups, pens, and other various office supplies
  • Trash removal and general janitorial service
  • Fountains & white noise machines
  • All utilities included

If you would like to learn more about bringing your practice to the Boulder Healing Hub, and/or make an appointment to meet with us in person and see the space, please fill out our Practitioner Inquiry Form...